Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cool Gear Insulated Skull Cups

Over the years, insulated cups have become a necessity for the simple fact they can handle hot and cold beverages and keep their temperatures running for some time from the moment they leave the container they originate from. Metalheads these days need such a cup when leaving their homes to go to their jobs and need the extra kick from the cup of joe. The container handling this job of keeping the beverage warm will do the job, but when dealing with Metalheads we always need that one thing that says we're Metal (aside the plethora of shirts, bumper stickers on the ass end of our car, and patches on our vest), and today's post has the edge for Metalheads to have their cup of joe while maintaining the calling card that makes us Metal.

Introducing Cool Gear's Insulated Skull Cups.

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Totally Ghoul Tabletop Creatures Reaper

The Grim Reaper. If there was a being who has Metalocity running in its genetics minus the intention of being Metal, he is it. The fact that with one simple touch, your life ends. Aside the special power, it helps the guy has a skull for a head and a scythe to help him in his crusade of brining people over from the living to the dead side.

Halloween gives this being the opportunity to shine as his character is the perfect costume to have on those years the holiday crept up on people who forgot to buy a costume.

Today we look at a homage/decoration to the guardian of the dead world by way of the living world, the Totally Ghoul Tabletop Creatures Reaper.

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Skull Poppin' Popper

Trinkets. Halloween is no stranger to it, and aside the touristy parts of a major city with its plethora of stores selling merchandise related to its destination in a sense of tackiness that has not been seen since a early 90's flick.

With Halloweens trinkets, Metalheads have trinkets to work/play with since most trinkets are focused for those outside of the culture. Today we look at what is quite possibly the most "trinkiest" article ever to grace the halls of Channel 13 (and Metal Trinkets). The Skull Poppin' Popper.

This is about as simple as it gets as far as what it is and does, and while the glitz and glam of some of the previous posts is not present, what it lacks in the stage lights of a Maiden show can more than make up for it in its simplicity. Plus it makes a killer office toy without the whole HR offices going royal navy on your ass.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Episode of Heavy Metal Maniacs

Heavy Metal Maniacs hits the road and the adventure begins.

Check it out here \m/
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Lantern Skull Water Globe

"The Blackest Night falls from the skies. The darkness grows as all light dies. We crave your hearts and your demise. By my black hand, the dead shall rise!". With this quote, you have the beginning of a very Metal tale that DC managed to pull off. While the lantern utilized is representative of who the Black Lantern Corps are, today's subject post would be perfect should they ever turn the aforementioned storyline into a kiddie version.

The Lantern Skull Water Globe. A simple Halloween decoration with details that are very Metal.

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